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Team Building - A Fun Essential for any Good Workplace

Team building has an image problem. You're probably imagining a dull, awkward set of games and icebreakers where once again you have to hear Brenda's 2 Truths and 1 Lie.

The office team building

The truth of the matter is that not all team building activities are created equal and team buliding (the good ones anyway) come with a wide variety of benefits to your workplace.

The stats

According to Officevibe statistics, 42% of employees don't feel like they're adequately compensated for their work, which can lead to resentment and a negative view of your organization and 1 in 4 employees don't feel like their organizations celebrate accomplishments or learnings.

It also found that 75% of employees who leave their jobs or display low levels of engagement say that it's due in part to their managers or broader company leadership.

Officevibe data has also shown that 47% of employees regularly feel overwhelmed, with an unfortunate 26% feeling like their managers aren't concerned with the state of their mental health. Nobody's well-being should be forgotten, or even an afterthought.

It's also important to note that 70% of people wished they could actually spend more time with their managers to create a stronger connection with them and with the organization.

The solution

So with employee satisfaction in dumps, how do you plan team building that actually works? Forte Entertainment have some ideas for you.


Do you have an active workforce or a lifestyle brand? Zorbing is the ultimate sport for everyone to get stuck in and have a good laugh. It's varied, inclusive and incredibly silly.

A bubble zorb football match

We find that zorbing is a fantatsic way to bring a team closer due to its absudity and positive influence. Even though we emulate games like football, we find that zorbing is a great leveller of skill and allows for everyone to be a part of the action.

This strengthens bonds between employees and managers (as you get to crash into each other!) and improves mental health with plenty of healthy fun.

Team Building Events Perfect for Zorbing

Summer barbecues

End of Quarter celebrations

Sports Day competitions


Rolling around not really your thing? Oerhaps something more stylish would suit your company ethos and team spirit. Not a problem as Forte Entertainment provide high quality photobooths, perfect for capturing great memories of your team.

Colleagues enjoying a photobooth

With fully customisable options you can put your company right at the heart of the celebrations and show your apreciation to your team. Not only does this cement strong ties but also allows you to celebrate achievments in a fun and personal way.

Team Building Events Perfect for Photobooths

Award Cermonies

Company Family Days

Inflatable Nightclub

How about something completely different? Yes, you read that right, Forte Entertainment provide inflatable nightclubs. An entire blow up space that you can fill with whatever you desire. We bring the lights, speaker and smoke machinea and you bring the vibes.

Inflatable Nightclub

Employee satisfaction will be through the roof when they get a chance to let their hair down for the night. A fun night (or day) that is guaranteed build team relations and leave you with plenty of stories!

Team Building Events Perfect for inflatable nightclubs

Summer festivals

Company Family Days

Overall, its important to remember that not all team building is built the same. So if you'd rather not be stuck in the office recreating Taskmaster challenges then Forte Entertainment is your one stop shop for elite team building options.

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