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Proposal Season: How to Say it Perfectly

You might not believe it but love is in the air this time of year. A staggering 37% of proposals take place between now and early March. Why? Well, with Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day, there's so many joyous celebration days packed into the colder months.

However, if you're in the position of proposing it can be a very daunting time. There's plenty of where's and when's to answer but fear not as the only member of the Forte Entertainment staff to have proposed, I've got your back!

A romantic proposal
Ditch the hat though, it looks ridiculous


Every couple is unique and will have certain dates that are important to them. This is a great time plan something without it seeming too obvious. For example, a nice meal out for the anniversary of when you met keeps them suitably in the dark until the moment comes.

If you don't have a significant date around this time of year, no worries, the festivities have got you covered. According to the marriage proposal survey of 7,000 people, Christmas Eve is the most popular day for getting on one knee.

"Of all, Christmas Eve is the most popular date to ask, with nearly a third of all people surveyed choosing that day to propose - topping the 30% that opted valentine's day!"

Christmas day comes in at 13%, probably because you've eaten too much to bend down, and New Year's Eve takes 9% of proposals in the season. So, there's plenty of opportunity to pair the festivities with something extra special.

Is the time right?

It's important to remember that this is not a film. Proposing to someone you've met very recently is unlikely to be successful. However, there are also other less obvious matters to consider before popping the question.

Finances - Not the most romantic subject in the world but a very crucial especially with the costs of a wedding. But also make sure that you are honest with each other about your financial wellbeing as money can cause problems in couples.

Future Plans - Knowing your partner's aspirations and dreams is a vital step in knowing when it's right to propose. For example, if they're not similar to yours then things could get complicated.

Blessings - While a proposal is between two, some families hold on to the tradition of obtaining a blessing. Make sure to cover this base as you may cause offense.

Wedding reception


Again, this is a matter of personal taste but don't be afraid to push the boat out from the usual grandiose romantic gestures. I have heard of proposals in the bath and atop the Rockerfeller Tower in New York. The choice is honestly yours but make sure to pick somewhere calming, inviting and enjoyable for the both of you.

Also, make sure to plan something for afterwards. The proposal itself is a relatively short process but the giddy feelings last much longer. Organise to see friends or book a meal at a fancy restaurant. The vibes will be immaculate.

The proposal can be a daunting process but is one of the most joyous moments fill with excitement and love. Plan wisely and you and your partner will be celebrating in no time.

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