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Capturing Memories in Style: Tips for Selecting the Best Wedding Photobooth Printout Design

Among the many decisions you have to make about your wedding, the photobooth printout design is also one of them. Your mind may go blank when asked this question because realistically, how many photobooth printouts have you designed? Fear not though as Forte Entertainment has the perfect guide designing the best photobooth printout for you.

1) Number of images

First of all, how many pictures are being taken in each session? Forte Entertainment can accommodate up to four pictures in each session but it's rare to have so much. We have to consider that your guests are drinking and they're excited. If a song comes on some will barrel out the photobooth and onto the dancefloor. Alongside this, the drink makes people tend to forget about the next photo and leads to some awkward and rushed poses.

A wedding photobooth printout with two images

The most common choice is two photos purely for logistics and actually space on the printout too. We print onto a postcard size but are able to change the size of the images on the printout relative to your choice.

2) Colours and imagery

If you have a particular colour or flower for your wedding, we can certainly add this to the printout design. Our glossy laser printer produces sharp colours and can accommodate complex designs. Whatever you have in mind, we're happy to give it a go. For example, check out this Elvis/Rockabilly style wedding we did.

An example of an unusual wedding photobooth printout

3) Lettering

Now the all important one. We can feature your brand new surname, your first names, the date or a phrase into the photobooth printout. This can be in any font and colour you like to match your scheme and layout. See this example below from Tom and Yago's wedding.

An example of an elegant wedding photobooth printout

4) "I'm not bothered"

If you're not fussed about the printout, don't worry. We have a handful of simple designs that we can use on the day and change the wording to suit your needs.

And that's what you need to consider for you wedding photobooth printout. If you're still unsure, we're more than happy to help via email or phone call on or 020 3084 7374

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