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5 Ways to Christmas-ify Our Inflatable Nightclubs

Christmas comes but once a year, a relief to some but to others, clearly not enough. As this special times rolls around once a year, its important to get your Christmas party just right and Forte Entertainment have the perfect solution for unlimited Christmas joy, inflatable nightclubs.

Inflatable nightclubs at Christmas?

Yes because, as mentioned in a previous blog, while we call them inflatable nightclubs, they don't have to be inflatable nightclubs. Strip out the lights, speaker and smoke machine and what you have is an inflatable marquee that's much easier to set up than a traditional style and able to fit in more places.

But there's still nothing that says Christmas about an inflatable space

Wrong! With our inflatable nightclubs the world is your oyster and that includes Christmas so read on for 5 incredible ways to Christmas-ify our inflatable nightclubs.

1) Santa's Grotto

How does magical Santa have so many grotto's all over the country? Well he asks Forte Entertainment to help him out with some excellent inflatable Santa Grottos! Our Warehouse and Ibiza tents provide an excellent space for walking into a beautifully dressed area and asking the big man what you'd like under the tree. Or if you're low on space, our disco dome is also up to the task.

Santa Grotto

You can even pair the nightclub with a photobooth set up for a magical opportunity for a photo with Santa. The nightclubs can go both inside and outside and are weatherproof for the nasty winter weather. This is an ideal pairing for a village Christmas fete or light trail.

2) Christmas Bazaar

It isn't Christmas without the specialty chocolates, the fancy wines and, of course, an ungodly amount of cheese. But where do we get such beautiful local delicacies? At the Christmas bazaar of course! Used as either the side dish or main event, our nightclubs are perfect for housing several stalls for happy shopping whatever the weather.

Christmas Market

The Warehouse and Ibiza tents would be able to hold multiple stalls and could house the entire market while the disco dome could house 2 standard stalls or 3 small stalls inside. The weatherproofing once again would allow the bazaar to carry on whatever the weather.

3) Christmas Games House

Charades, Cluedo, Twister, everyone's in the spirit for a game at Christmas. Why not take your games to the max with an entire games hall? Our inflatable nightclubs are able to host multiple tables for a range of games to get that casino vibe or a nice open space for more physical games.

Christmas Games

The possibilities with this one are endless and a games house is bound to be a winner at any Christmas event this season and many seasons to come!

4) Christmas Photobooth

We love combining our services at Forte Entertainment and inflatable nightclubs and photobooths go together like Christmas dinner and fizz. The photobooth can be either the main event or just one section of the nightclub so you can capture amazing Christmas moments with your mates.

Christmas Photobooth

The photobooth setup works in all of our nightclubs but the Warehouse and Ibiza can accommodate a booth to house the photobooth for added privacy.

5) Christmas Rave

Occam's Razor dictates that the simplest solution is often the best. We're not here to talk about philosophy, but you are most welcome to use our inflatable nightclubs for a Christmas rave!

Christmas Rave

While it might not be traditional, why not set up a new tradition of partying into the night with Santa's two new reindeer, Chase & Status. Heaters can be provided with our nightclubs to help with the winter chill but once the party starts, you'll be warm enough.

Forte Entertainment's inflatable nightclubs can provide so much more Christmas potential than you thought. Game, rave, pose, shop and meet your way through Christmas with our fantastic entertainment options for an unforgettable Christmas.

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