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5 Alternate Uses For Inflatable Nightclubs

Updated: Oct 10

Not everyone likes to live it up like 50 Cent, and that's fine. What they may do is stick their nose up to our inflatable nightclubs, and that's not fine. While we advertise them as nightclubs, they are a versatile entertainment option and can help achieve what you're looking for in your event. Here are five ways to use our nightclubs for anything but a nightclub.

1) Kid's Disco

The gateway into a nightclub, the sacred kids disco. A good option if you have a lot of children at your wedding and just want a bit of space from them for a while. Packaged out with speakers, lights, smoke machines and disco balls, you'll have a hard time getting them back out. Panda Pops, sadly not included.

The inflatable nightclub in a kid's disco setup

2) Sensory Chill Out Zone

Those with autism or other sensory issues can find large crowds and loud music very distressing. The only noise that comes from our nightclubs is a low hum of the inflation fan, kind of like a vacuum. This makes it an excellent choice for a nice, calm chill out for guests who may get overwhelmed. There's an amusing irony of using a nightclub for such a calm use but your guests will certainly be grateful for it.

3) Projection room Inflatable Nightclub

World cups, finals, Grands Prix or even films. With our nicely blank large walls, the nightclub is a perfect option for projecting whatever takes your fancy to your guests. With an enclosed space as well, it doesn't matter what the weather is like either. Our large tents will be able to hold rows of chairs and take care of the festivities of a 90th minute stunner.

4) Conference / Q&A

Along the same lines as projection, the nightclub's ability to house a large group makes it perfect for hosting speaking events for festivals or business expos. Acting as an exclusive or 'breakout room' the nightclub is ideal for holding talks and interviews with key people as part of a larger event or the entire event itself!

5) Casino

Viva Las Nightclub! Our nightclubs are the perfect size for hosting a mini casino with various tables and a variety or games. Poker tables are becoming increasingly popular at office Christmas parties, so why not bring the whole casino too! Even better, use multiple nightclubs for a truly unique experience of an inflatable bar and casino.

Alternate uses for an inflatable nightclub

As you can see, the possibilities are endless and Forte Entertainment are happy to help you achieve your wishes. We are happy to accommodate to your requirements and ideas and create the best event possible! Check our event management services for further details.

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