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3 Spooky Ways to Raise Your Halloween Party Game

Halloween, a time of spooky monsters, trick & treats and curious costumes. Ultimately though, it's a big dress up party and the perfect time to get everyone round for a big celebration! But the time of simple beer pong and bowls of crisps is over, Forte Entertainment have plenty of ways to pimp your Halloween party the max!

1) Rave in the Grave

It rhymes, so it must be a good idea! What's better than having your own nightclub? Having your own nightclub with everyone dressed up of course! Also, you get to choose the music, there's no queue for the toilet and it goes on for however long you like.

Halloween Party Inflatable Nightclub
BYOS (Bring Your Own Skull)

Our inflatable nightclubs are an excellent space to hold raves and dances with lights, speaker and smoke machine all in the mix. It also means your house is safe from from any hardcore party goers and an excellent space to add your desired theme. Vampire ball, Witch coven or Rocky Horror. The choice is yours!

2) Horror Photobooth

There's nothing more fun than slicing the heads off your friends and family. Why not get photographic evidence of it?! Enjoy a wide range of ridiculous Halloween props in our inflatable photobooths that allow you to create hilarious horror pictures to last forever.

Halloween Photobooth Pose
The more Morticia Addams, the better

Capture those excellent make-up skills or pose in outrageous costumes for an excellent addition to your party. Masks area a favorite in our photobooths and is the only place where Darth Vader, Freddy Krueger and Batman can hang out in perfect harmony.

3) Let Us Work The Graveyard Shift

Sometimes, the real nightmare of Halloween is organising the get together itself! Fear not, our excellent event management capabilities can help you pull off the blood curdling extravaganza you always dreamed of.

Halloween Party With Forte Entertainment
Spookily Good Event Management

From venue finding to supplier management, we can organise everything from start to finish. All you'll need to worry about is your costume!

At Forte Entertainment, we love a good horror scarefest and with our fantastic lineup of Halloween entertainment based in Oxfordshire, we've got you covered in the fun department, You provide the scares.

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